Dr. Garber in the News.


Our very own Dr. Garber was mentioned in a article on bizjournals.com discussing volunteer doctors and their motivations for working for colleges…for free.  Here”s the excerpt on Dr. Garber who works with Hawaii Pacific University as their lead physician.

The University of Hawaii may be the biggest college in the state, but other schools with teams, such as Hawaii Pacific University, also need physicians.

HPU turns to Dr. Alexander Garber when its athletes need medical attention. The trainers assess the injuries and decide when to refer the injured players to the doctor, said HPU head trainer Dan Resing.

“He helps us allyslot out Als aanvulling op de reguliere online pokies 20 winlijnen,heeft deze speelmachine nog 3 verschillende bruisende bonus spellen voor u om plezier mee te hebben. by getting us in as soon as possible and sometimes he comes over here,” Resing said. “He is an orthopedic surgeon and a sports medicine specialist, and those are obviously the two big things.”

We here at Island Orthopedics proudly support athletics at all levels (not just collegiate) and are committed to providing the best orthopedic care for all of Hawaii”s residents.

The NFL Combine and Orthopedics

NFL Combine

Then NFL combine is coming up in about a month and that carries with it a lot of excitement.  For the players, however, their evaluations and draft status are tied into orthopedics more than they will ever know.  If you”re a fan of the game then you know that head injuries and concussions are at the forefront of everyone”s mind when it comes to football.  But for each team, they are just as concerned with evaluating the orthopedic health of the players they are going to draft off the field as they are with preventing head injuries on it.  That”s why at the combine, Dr. Arthur Rettig, one of the Colt”s team doctors, expects to order up to 350 MRI”s using 17 machines (and three mobile machines).  Players there are Another advantage of typically subjected to at least 6 orthopedic-based tests, in addition to MRI”s, X-Rays, heart scans, concussion tests and drug tests.  For most, this is the most comprehensive set of testing that they will ever receive and for good reason.  Teams are investing millions and millions of dollars into them and need to be as sure as possible that their bodies will stand up to the inevitable pounding that the game produces.

This year, three former Hawaii players will be at the combine, Luke Ingram, Mike Edwards and Alex Dunnachie.  We wish them luck!  Hopefully their orthopedic tests match up to their talent on the field.

The Future of Orthopedics With Dr. Greg Martin


There was a really interesting interview done in Becker”s Spine Review with Doctor Greg Martin of JFK Medical Center in Florida.  He discusses quite a few things that have changed (for the better) in Orthopedic Surgery over the past few years.  For example, he talks about two systems that helped with knee replacements over the last decade, ConforMIS and iTotal, both of which were put into online casinos place to help change technology and improve fastoesslot.org anatomic knee replacements.

Overall he expressed a feeling that these advancements in technology make surgeries more quickly and efficiently and “inspire confidence” in both the physicians as well as in the process.  Additionally, it eliminates the need for “nine or 10 different trays prepared for every surgery”.

Patient specific implants will be a trend that he sees continuing in medicine, since it makes sense to both doctor and patient.  This was not feasible 10 years ago since it was logistically very difficult to produce patient-specific implants, now, however, with the implementation and proliferation of these two companies (and others like them), that hurdle has been crossed.

If you”d like a full link to the article you can view it here.

Skaneateles to Build Sports Complex


The town of Skaneateles, in Syracuse, New York, is building what looks to be a beautiful 99.5 acre health and wellness center.  Along Route 20, you can see an artists rendering of what the complex will look like above.  The complex itself is the brainchild of Dr. Marc Pietropaoli, the President and CEO of Victory Sports Medicine and Orthopedics, who has called it the “Victory Campus project”, and will include a roughly 60,000 square-foot health care building, a 100,000 square foot indoor athletic facility, and several multi functional outdoor athletic fields.

It is, however, meeting www.atoledo.com with some resistance from local residents of Skaneateles, who feel that the large scale project will require numerous zoning ordinances that should not necessarily be atoledo.com given.  These residences are asserting that “there is no reason why any development of this colossal size and impact should be impacted The bwin casino is open 24 hours a day and at the Mobile Casino, you can play on your mobile phone wherever and whenever you want. from any of [the zoning ordinances].”

While we cannot speak to the merit of maintaining strict compliance with zoning laws, we do know that such best online casinos Für manch einen ist sicherlich auch der Einarmige Bandit nochIhr deutsches Spielautomaten -Portal Nr. a online casinos complex would be a huge blessing here in Hawaii.  While 99.5 acres would be very difficult to find here on Oahu (though it could definitely be had on the Big Island), having a facility even HALF that size, could greatly assist treatment and expansion of orthopedic techniques here in the state.  Additionally, similar to the impact of the CORP facilities in Waipio on Tennis and Soccer, this type of facility would additionally provide a venue for the expansion of youth sports and activities and help eliminate some of the weather-related troubles with the state”s first indoor athletic facility of its kind.

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