The NFL Combine and Orthopedics

NFL Combine

Then NFL combine is coming up in about a month and that carries with it a lot of excitement.  For the players, however, their evaluations and draft status are tied into orthopedics more than they will ever know.  If you”re a fan of the game then you know that head injuries and concussions are at the forefront of everyone”s mind when it comes to football.  But for each team, they are just as concerned with evaluating the orthopedic health of the players they are going to draft off the field as they are with preventing head injuries on it.  That”s why at the combine, Dr. Arthur Rettig, one of the Colt”s team doctors, expects to order up to 350 MRI”s using 17 machines (and three mobile machines).  Players there are Another advantage of typically subjected to at least 6 orthopedic-based tests, in addition to MRI”s, X-Rays, heart scans, concussion tests and drug tests.  For most, this is the most comprehensive set of testing that they will ever receive and for good reason.  Teams are investing millions and millions of dollars into them and need to be as sure as possible that their bodies will stand up to the inevitable pounding that the game produces.

This year, three former Hawaii players will be at the combine, Luke Ingram, Mike Edwards and Alex Dunnachie.  We wish them luck!  Hopefully their orthopedic tests match up to their talent on the field.

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