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Foot and Ankle Surgery

Foot and ankle injuries are often caused by sports or everyday wear and tear. These injuries can be challenging to recover from since it involves a weight-bearing extremity in very active people. We use the latest technology and treatment to get you back to your activities as quickly as possible.
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Common Injuries

• Achilles tendon tear

• Bunions

• Ankle sprains/instability

• Jones/5th metatarsal fractures

• Peroneal tendonitis/tears

• Foot/ankle arthritis

Treatment Options

Treatment options range from bracing and physical therapy to surgery. This depends on the nature and severity of the injury. When surgery is indicated, Dr. Van der Reis uses minimally invasive, arthroscopic techniques whenever this is possible. 

Our Specialists for

Foot and Ankle Surgery

William Van der Reis MD
William Van der Reis MD
Hip Arthroscopy, Foot & Ankle and Sports Medicine Specialist

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